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מחירים עדכניים - English
Arbel Guest House - Shavit's Family

Touring Israel is a wonderful experience, mainly in the north part of the Holy land.

But between visiting historical sites, enjoying the view and the historical stories, there is something else: Choosing your B&B location: Where do you spend your nights for resting and dining: When you are in the Sea on Galilee area in the northern part of Israel you cannot miss out on a The Shavit guest house.

A unique farm guest house which is an attraction that no tourist can afford to miss: The atmosphere, the rooms and above all – the gurme restaurant.

This is one of the best places to enjoy a peaceful rest, gaining your energies for the next day of touring and enjoying the most wonderful dinner you have ever experienced.

People say that the shavit guest house is a small model of the Garden of Eden:

The trees, the flowers, the greenery, the swimming pool, the view, the air and the atmosphere.

Others can never forget the gastronomic experience.

The outstanding meat dishes served for dinner, the food preparation by "Chef ISRAEL" in front of the diners, the exquisite breakfast, and finally the secret Chocolate cellar.

Chef ISRAEL makes his own chocolate in the unique wine cellar aside to the wine variety, the olive oil products and the local honey.

The Shavit restaurant is recommended in the LONELY PLANET restaurant guide as the best place for a meat dinner in the area "Israel's Kitchen".

Keeping up with the tiny details of excellent service is what guides SARA , the owner, on everything she and Israel do. Every visitor gets the comfort of a private room, a hot bath, and room service. Beyond the room is the informal atmosphere, the after dinner glass of beer or hot cup of coffee by the pool or under the trees. And if visitors prefer to lodge at a lower rate, they can choose the hostel room – specially prepared for large groups who prefer low price over room privacy.

No doubt that staying at Shavit guest house, even for one night turns out to be one of the highlights of the visit to Israel, aside to Jerusalem, Nazareth and other historical attractions.

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